Aquarium of the Pacific Climate Resiliency Workshop

Climate Resiliency Workshop

The Aquarium of the Pacific has reached out to Francisco Davila and FOL to consider participating in Climate Resiliency Workshops. We are gauging interest in these workshops. Would you or your friends and family be interested? If so, please contact Francisco Davila.

Here’s the description:

The purpose of these workshops is to inspire people to help their communities become more resilient by preparing for the present and anticipated future impacts of climate change.  Each workshop uses an assortment of hands-on activities and guided group discussions to help people understand that preparing for climate change is also an opportunity to create a city that we are both excited and proud to call home. Each workshop examines an aspect of climate resilience: learning about climate science, thinking about local vulnerability needs, and planning how to engage communities.

These workshops expose community members to:  

  • experts in climate science, social vulnerability, and engaging communities 
  • connections to existing resources to help build awareness 
  • opportunities to workshop and discuss climate resilience issues, risks, costs and solutions 
  • specific follow-up with each community leader to support their efforts to engage communities 
  • on-going support and mentorship for them to communicate back to their communities