FOL Family Camp Kids

2020 Fountain of Life Family Camp
Children’s Sessions

We are excited to be able to provide sessions for our FOL children during Family Camp. In conjunction with the main sessions, the children will be learning about prayer during their sessions. We pray that the children will be blessed by their time and will experience God in a new and fresh way.

Here’s some information regarding the children’s sessions.

  • There are three pre-recorded sessions available (10-20 minutes in length). There is no set time for the children to watch; the lessons and activities can be accessed at your convenience.
  • Each session consists of a welcome, a worship song, a main lesson, and a craft activity.
  • The main supplies for each craft are provided; your child/children may need additional supplies, such as crayons, scissors, and glue. Parental supervision is highly suggested.

The link for the sessions is Links to individual sessions:

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