FOL Book of Witness Project


Fountain of Life will celebrate its tenth anniversary in just a few short weeks! In order to prepare for the event, we’re preparing a Book of Witness. Pastor John has asked all FOL member adults and children to complete a one page form that we will put together to create our book. (Here’s a link to Pastor John’s example.) If you aren’t a member, you are welcome to fill out a form, but you don’t have to feel obligated.

The vision is for everyone to write a brief statement of how they have been called, trained, and sent. We would also like to hear about your FOL highlights, what FOL means to you, and any funny stories. The questions are meant to spark your reflections, so you don’t have to answer every question.

How to complete the document by the deadline (January 31):

  • Option 1: Fill out a form online. (Remember to upload a photo of yourself!)
  • Option 2: If you don’t want to complete the form online, download the form MS Word or Pages, complete the form, and e-mail it to
  • Option 3: Write out your responses on a printed document. We will have blank forms available on Sunday. (See Dan Palomino.)

If you have questions, please e-mail or

Thanks in advance!