This page includes resources and materials on various issues.

FOL Advent Family Fun Resources (PDF)

Are you interested in establishing new family traditions during the Advent season? Alan Gan and Heather Larson have created a resource page with fun and memorable ideas.

Foster & Adoption Resource List (PDF)

FOL has many foster/adoption families. The families led an information discussion about helping foster youth and offered personal stories and information about fostering and adoption. Click here to view a list of agencies, references, and resources for those are interested in helping foster youth, or are interested in fostering and/or adoption.

Understanding and Developing Giftedness (PDF)

Fountain of Life Covenant Church has adapted some of Dr. J. Robert Clinton’s books, course materials, and other writings to help guide our members and attenders into the concept of ministering from our giftedness. We pray that this document will accomplish at least three goals: (1) you will learn about the Biblical definitions of giftedness, (2) you will begin the process of identifying your spiritual gifts and (3) you will develop a concrete and practical plan for the development your gifts. Click here to download.

Forgiveness Exercise (PDF)

This brief excerpt walks the reader through a “debt cancellation” exercise modeled after Matthew 6:12.  (From Darrell Johnson’s book, Fifty-Seven Words That Change the World.) 

Season of Lent (PDF)

Dr. Matt Jenson has written a brief summary on the season of Lent.