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Book: Lamentations (1), Galatians (2).
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Sermons (4)

Anger is Its Own Reward, Gal. 5:20
Galatians 5:20 (Part of the Galatians series).
Preached by Pastor John Teter on Oct 14, 2007 (Sunday Morning).
Lust and Immorality
Galatians 5:17-24 (Part of the Special series).
Preached by David Palmer on Sep 23, 2007 (Sunday Morning).
Jesus' New Community, Pt. 1
(Part of the Special series).
Preached by Eddie Gonzales on Jul 22, 2007 (Sunday Morning).
The Place of Pain in Worship
Lamentations 3:1-23 (Part of the Special series).
Preached by Dr. Matt Jenson on Apr 22, 2007 (Sunday Morning).
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